Our Project

The project between Nowosibirsk and Coburg has its focus in the project management of information systems. Therefore we elaborate basic skills in that area. We start by presenting two fundamental ways of project management, as they can be found in today's company world. One is the classic project management approach, the other one is the agile approach. Both ways will be exercised during the term. In order to plan the necessary scheduling, the two streams of working methods have to be understood. The arrangements for the travel to Russia and the workshops in Nowosibirsk have to be planned. This planning will be executed in a classical project management approach. A project structure plan is to be developed by the students. As there is a well defined goal to a classical project plan, these goals have to be cleared out precisely. In contrary to the classic approach the second phase of the term will be continued with a scrum driven project management. In scrum iterations of goals will be set. In every iteration the team will fulfil this set of goals. In order to get familiar with Scrum process an introduction will be given at the seminar kickoff presentation on March 26th. In preparation to the seminar all necessary attending appointments are already scheduled. Two product owner will be defined out of the student teams, as well as two scrum masters. They will attend two teams, which are internationally mixed.

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